Audit Services Overview

iROC Critical Component Ride/Attractions audits are performed in accordance with the following: accepted standard practices of the amusement industry, ASTM International F24 for Amusement Rides and Devices and specifically the Ride Operator Ten Critical Component Criteria taught exclusively at IRT Safety School.

Audit Philosophy

The audit process has been developed for maximizing audit effectiveness and efficiency to best focus on improving ride operations in the field. The audit primarily focuses on process and procedural dynamics and not on individual performance. We look for solution opportunities for operator success at each ride/attraction. Our approach demonstrates our team’s depth of experience and the understanding of a safe ride operations. Among the benefits you can expect from our audit approach are: A well-planned audit that employs communication and cooperation with our client to produce an audit that brings value to the ride operation management team. An audit format that is clear and understandable with a focus on significant issues with agreed upon recommendations. Through our innovative style, we involve the operations team to provide input and feedback. These components allow our team to develop a relationship to ensure findings and next steps are communicated clearly.

Benefits of an iROC Third Party Audit

A collective park audit has multiple benefits when using a third party firm.

Objectivity – Many times an outside expert review simplifies the process. It is also time effective to achieve goals and ensure all parties are heard and have participated.

Reduced business impact – The audit findings will identify areas to reduce cost, increase efficiencies and minimize risk.

Accuracy – Our audit review is based on a set of standards of performance processes and reviewed in a set time frame that increases accuracy of the data findings. Because we are a new set of eyes looking at the details of your operation, we will inevitably identify long-standing opportunities and provide not thought of solutions that will improve operation.

Relationships – We build relationships with your operations teams. We have walked in their shoes from the level of front-line operators to that of director and general manager. We want to help make their jobs rewarding and most importantly, build upon their confidence of the safety processes for their team of operators.