iROC is the only Ride Operator Certification offered in the amusement industry today. It is a state of the art program developed by industry experts.


We have a PASSION for ride operation’s trainers and supervisors who educate and motivate operators in the amusement industry.  We are inspired by the dedication of ensuring safety by those we work with in the field of ride operations safety.


We have a DESIRE to fuel the passion and energy of ride operations teams by providing support, resources and tools to assist them in their development of educational knowledge and expertise in the ride amusement industry.


We have a REPUTATION for providing the best in operational training techniques and processes that produce strong and successful operations teams.


iROC is training that fits the needs of our clients by keeping the training fresh, relevant and up to date on industry best practices, industry standards and ASTM application.

  • Learn it! – The explanation of Why a task is necessary
  • Link it! – The “Light Bulb” moment – Teaching methods where the learner “gets it”.
  • Live it! – The critical Standard of Performance. Each task taught has a specific performance expectation.
  • Highly Interactive
  • Both at ride and in classroom simulation
  • Presentation, skill demonstrations, exercises, scenarios and role play
  • Skill competency performance using creative exercises, simulations and drills….