IMG_7526Why iROC Certifications

  • Creates consistency in operator safety skills performance

  • Promotes positive image and professional ride operator image

  • Improves operator safety awareness and knowledge

  • Enhances overall rider experience

  • Reduces line wait

  • Reinforces Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) skills

  • Increases operator communication skills

IRT Instructor

stamp_Instructor2An iROC instructor certification showcases:

  •  You have committed to continuing industry education and following strict protocols of the program.
  •  You are in a class with other industry experts worldwide and committed to learning and sharing to make your training program the best it can be.
  •  You are saving time by utilizing the iROC researched program to enhance your training. Keeping up with industry changes and trends is timing consuming iROC keeps it all up to date for you.

At iROC school, Instructors 

  • Learn how to instruct using our Learn it! Link it! Live it! teaching philosophy.

  • Perform Critical Component teaching skills through learning applicable drills, exercises and simulations in the classroom and at an actual ride.

  • Demonstrate competency in teaching rider scripting and role plays.

  • Learn how to organize and conduct team simulations and scenarios.

  • Deliver a skill teaching assignment that are videotaped, reviewed and critiqued.


IRT Trainer


  • Learn and practice philosophy: Learn it! Link it! Live it!

  • Perform Critical Components skills that form one cycle of operation to standard.

  • Demonstrate teaching Critical Component skills using drills, exercises and simulations at the ride and in the classroom.

  • Demonstrate competency in rider scripting.

  • Participate in team simulations.

  • Prepare and deliver a skill teach back assignment that is videotaped, reviewed and critiqued.

IRT Ride Operator


  • Learn and practice our Learn it! Live it! Philosophy.
  • Perform Critical Component skills that form one cycle of operation to the standard in the classroom and at the actual ride.

  • Apply rider scripting during Critical Component skill exercises.

  • Participate in team simulations.